Is Your Computer Freezing and Crashing? Clean up your Hard Drive!

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When your computer is freezing, crashing, or getting blue screens and programs are not responding and are shutting down as a result, you probably need to clean up your hard drive. Disk Cleanup Software. Your computer’s hard drive stores all of the information for your operating system, various applications, and all of your files, personal data, browsing history. Understanding this, it is easy to comprehend that the hard drive can become cluttered with excessive, unnecessary information. This will slow down your computer and cause various problems which can become progressively annoying.

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Many of these problems can also be caused by viruses and other malicious software. If this is the case, which it often is, it is that very “clutter” on your hard drive that such malicious software uses steal personal information and cause damage to your computer and the applications running on your system. It is of vital importance to regularly clean up your hard drive in order to improve PC security.

If you notice that the operation of your PC is slowing down and you are having problems with programs freezing or forcing you to restart, your hard drive is almost assuredly inundated with unnecessary data. Especially if you have never taken the opportunity to clean your hard drive, you will need to do so immediately in order to improve PC security and to make your computer performance improve. Improved PC performance is something everyone wants. The last thing you want to do is wait around for programs to respond when you actually don’t have to.

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The first step you can take to work cleaning your hard drive is to use the Disk Cleanup Software included with Windows. At the start menu, open the Control Panel and click “System and Security”. Then, under Administrative Tools, click “Free up disk space”. This will open the Disk Cleanup Utility which will begin calculating the amount of disk space that you can free up on your hard drive. You may be prompted to first select which drive to clean up. Choose drive C: first and move on to additional drives after completing hard drive cleanup for drive C: since this is the drive containing most of your files, applications, and information. After the Disk Cleanup Utility has calculated how much space can be cleared using hard drive cleanup, a window will open that will allow you to select which files you would like to delete. There is a scroll down window with open checkboxes beside each file type. Check the boxes for the files you would like to delete. Definitely select Temporary Internet files and browsing history, as well as the Recycle Bin. Most of the pertinent files to clean up will already be checked. So you may go with those default selections. Click “OK” to initiate hard drive cleanup.

In order to achieve a more thorough hard drive cleanup, it is advised to use third-party hard drive cleanup software. A good version of this type of software will clean up your hard drive completely, even better than you can especially if you are a novice. Also hard drive cleanup software saves time since you don’t have to take all the steps to clean the hard drive yourself. There are many steps that could be missed and good hard drive cleanup software will not miss anything.

Some examples of good third-party hard drive cleanup software include, pc repair software, SecureClean, and ARO 2011. Search these programs on your web browser in order to find out details. They are all good, but some have different features than others. Most of them offer a free scan to diagnose your PC status. In order to fix the problems, you will have to purchase the software which is well worth the price. Do this and you are on your way to Improved PC performance and greatly improved PC security.

WARNING! A full and Cluttered Hard Disk may cause damage to your Windows operating System and may cause your PC to run slow or crash and loose essential memory. Disk Cleanup Software will free clutter on your Hard Drive and will save your PC from crashing and loosing Data. Keep it Clean and Download now!